6 Reasons Screening Services Are Important

There are many reasons why pre-employment background checks are so important. In fact, here in the United States they have been the norm for a significant number of years. They are widely considered to be an essential step to take before committing to hire anyone. More often than not, employers assume candidates are telling the truth, or the whole truth. And most of the time applicants are being completely honest.

There are, however, a number of ways they might try hiding the truth from you, or be selective with the information they reveal. A background check, or pre-employment screening, can help protect your company from situations like these. In this article we will outline a few of the moist common ways background checks can be of service to you.

Why Are Background Checks Important for Employers?

Performing a background check is an opportunity to verify the information a candidate has provided you, and a way to make sure they are the right person for the job. Here are six reasons why it’s a good idea to invest the time in them:

  • They can help you make sure your workplace is a safe and healthy environment. Although not all roles or companies may require a criminal background check. Performing one can be crucial to the safety of your company and staff. This is especially important for companies that work with vulnerable people, such as children.
  • You will be able to rest assured you have hired the most qualified person possible for the job. Someone who will be a catalyst for growth in your company, not a hindrance to its development. Confirming an applicant was honest about their education is paramount to hiring someone with the right skill set for the job. Roles that require specialist degrees, in particular, depend on employees with a certain minimum of knowledge, without which the role might not be able to be performed. Past work experience goes along the same lines, in many roles being even more important. It is crucial to make sure an applicant has been honest about where they have worked, and the responsibilities they have had.
  • You will reduce ambiguity in the hiring process and the number of dishonest applicants. Dishonest applicants realizing that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to acquire positions might be dissuaded, or even encouraged to change.

Negligible Hiring and Nurturing an Honest Culture

  • A background check will also minimize exposure to employment liability, should something go wrong. It’s best practice. An employer that does not investigate a potential employee’s background, could be liable for retention or negligible hiring. If the employee is involved in grievous misconduct or illegal activity the consequences can be dire for the employer. The potential ramifications for such a case can be devastating.
  • You spread and perpetuate a culture in which honesty in the application process is encouraged and valued.
  • Instincts aren’t everything. As important as it is to get to know someone face to face, and as good of a judge of character you might think you are, you won’t be getting a complete picture. Screening services can help you get one.

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Why Background Checks Are Important For Staffing Agencies

Background checks are an essential ingredient in maintaining a healthy and productive workplace. It is common for companies to make use of staffing agencies’ services when in need of filling a particular role. Especially so for long term positions, but also for temporary contracts. The importance of background checks is often underestimated, thought to be unimportant. This is a grave mistake to make.

Hiring someone with a violent criminal background, ill intent, or even minor felonies can become a major liability for a company. Dealing internally with an issue like this can be a long and messy process. The best course of action is to prevent a problematic situation like this in the first place. And the best way to achieve this is with a solid background check.

That might be the worst-case scenario, but it’s far from the only reason background checks are crucial to a successful company. Finding the right employee, one you know you can trust, that will take their workload seriously. One that has appropriate experience and qualifications for the position. An exciting and important step for a company to take, at any size and stage. A thorough background check, through the right agency, will help you achieve this goal. Provide you with a filter, to help sift through the sand and find your speck of gold.

How Do I Know I’ve Found the Right Company?

There are a lot of types of background checks, and even more staffing companies. But how do you know which one is right for you?

First off, experience, staff and ample resources are what you want to be looking for. There are many companies out there that claim to be incredibly fast and cheap, without sacrificing accuracy. More often than not, this is a false claim. Like with many things, you get what you pay for with background checks. And trust us when we say this, you do not want to cut corners in this sector. As with some of the issues outlined above, bringing in the wrong person to your company can have catastrophic results. A cheap background check can lead to unpleasant surprises in the future. They can be unreliable, inaccurate and often come paired with hidden fees.

A solid background check performed by experienced staff and a reliable company will lead you to better hires and more numerous hires. If anything you’ll save time, as with a more thorough search you’ll come to your ideal candidate sooner.

With a complete service you’ll be provided with a proper multifaceted investigation. One that covers all bases:

  • Criminal records search
  • Verification of education and related qualifications
  • Employment history
  • Credit history
  • Sex offender status
  • System of Award Management Check
  • OIG

Besides background checks, it’s also quite likely the screening will require further information. Drug tests and healthcare services also make up an important part of the process. Choosing a company that offers a full service won’t only benefit your company but the potential candidate too.

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Hiring the Right Employee

Think of a piece of machinery; something inherently simple like an old stone mill. An admirable construction, but with a limited number of moving pieces. If something goes wrong, finding a solution wouldn’t be all that time consuming or taxing. Now compare that to a watch. Masterfully crafted. Filled with multiple layers of cogs, tiny intricately designed pieces, each fulfilling their particular function. All working together in complex unity towards a singular goal; telling the time, accurately.

What happens when our watch stops working? We need to go to a specialist. Repairs are expensive, and they take time.

Once a company has reached a certain size, identifying internal problems can become rather problematic. The larger it becomes the more moving pieces there are, the more complex it is. Like our watch.

Hiring the right employee is crucial to success and growth for any business, be it large or small. Arguably, the importance of a solid team increases exponentially as a business scales up, particularly at the corporate level. The more employees a business has, the more they depend on them to function effectively.

Highlighting one of the many reasons human resources professionals are indispensable. They are the specialists that keep a company running smoothly. That’s not to say they are limited to solving issues, however. They can also help us prevent them.

Issues like the wrong employee in the wrong company, for instance. A significant problem. The best way to prevent this is by employing the right people.

How Do I Know Someone is the Right Fit?

Time is of the essence when a position needs filling. This, however, should not come at the cost of hiring the wrong person. It’s not about taking someone who just needs a job, but someone who is dedicated to the long-term success of the business. Finding that person takes time and resources.

That’s where we can come in, and where our collaboration with HR departments begins. The pre-screening process:

  • Reference checks: We can get in contact with references, confirm the candidate worked with them.
  • Employment history: Were they honest about where they worked, and the responsibilities they had?
  • Education verification: Did they graduate? Was their school legitimate? Were they honest about their grades?
  • Worker compensation report: Do they suffer from an injury that would prevent them from working?
  • Criminal background checks: Are they a registered criminal? If so, what crimes did they commit? We can find out, nationally and internationally.
  • Nationwide Sex Offender check
  • Social Security Number validation
  • Drug screening

These, among many more, are all services we provide. Keeping a healthy and safe working environment is paramount to a productive business. We can help you screen a candidate and make an informed decision, set your heart at ease. 

With access to our wide array of tools and vast database, your HR department could not be better equipped. Whether you are employing nationally or internationally, we can help you find the right person. Someone who has got the company’s well being, as well as their own, in mind. A solid pre-screening process is crucial towards that goal.

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