Companies need safety when hiring new employees. It ensures saving time, saving money and avoiding bad experiences from the start.

They represent your brand. They build your future. They execute your vision. Shouldn’t you know who is working for you?
Whether you are hiring your first employee or your 4000th, you want to feel confident about a new member of your team. We can help you make sure this is the right hire by running criminal background checks, confirming educational credentials, talking to references, and much more.

We make it even easier by offering solutions that integrate with a variety of HRIS and ATS platforms including iCims, AppliTrack, myStaffingPro, myHRdesk, UltiPro and HealthCareSource. In just one step you can create job applications and prepare for screening services. Choosing the right hire is your job. Protecting you from the wrong one is ours.

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Our recommended Employment Screening services include:

  • Adverse Action Notification
  • Bank/Financial Sanctions Check
  • Commercial Driver’s License
  • Criminal Court Records
  • Driving Records
  • Drug Screening
  • Education Verification
  • Credit Report
  • Employment History
  • Healthcare Sanctions Check
  • National Criminal Check
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Check
  • Patriot Act Search
  • Professional Credentials Verification
  • Reference Check
  • Social Security Number Validation
  • Worker Compensation Report