6 Reasons Screening Services Are Important

There are many reasons why pre-employment background checks are so important. In fact, here in the United States they have been the norm for a significant number of years. They are widely considered to be an essential step to take before committing to hire anyone. More often than not, employers assume candidates are telling the truth, or the whole truth. And most of the time applicants are being completely honest.

6 Reasons

There are, however, a number of ways they might try hiding the truth from you, or be selective with the information they reveal. A background check, or pre-employment screening, can help protect your company from situations like these. In this article we will outline a few of the moist common ways background checks can be of service to you.

Why Are Background Checks Important for Employers?

Performing a background check is an opportunity to verify the information a candidate has provided you, and a way to make sure they are the right person for the job. Here are six reasons why it’s a good idea to invest the time in them:

  • They can help you make sure your workplace is a safe and healthy environment. Although not all roles or companies may require a criminal background check. Performing one can be crucial to the safety of your company and staff. This is especially important for companies that work with vulnerable people, such as children.
  • You will be able to rest assured you have hired the most qualified person possible for the job. Someone who will be a catalyst for growth in your company, not a hindrance to its development. Confirming an applicant was honest about their education is paramount to hiring someone with the right skill set for the job. Roles that require specialist degrees, in particular, depend on employees with a certain minimum of knowledge, without which the role might not be able to be performed. Past work experience goes along the same lines, in many roles being even more important. It is crucial to make sure an applicant has been honest about where they have worked, and the responsibilities they have had.
  • You will reduce ambiguity in the hiring process and the number of dishonest applicants. Dishonest applicants realizing that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to acquire positions might be dissuaded, or even encouraged to change.
6 Reasons

Negligible Hiring and Nurturing an Honest Culture

  • A background check will also minimize exposure to employment liability, should something go wrong. It’s best practice. An employer that does not investigate a potential employee’s background, could be liable for retention or negligible hiring. If the employee is involved in grievous misconduct or illegal activity the consequences can be dire for the employer. The potential ramifications for such a case can be devastating.
  • You spread and perpetuate a culture in which honesty in the application process is encouraged and valued.
  • Instincts aren’t everything. As important as it is to get to know someone face to face, and as good of a judge of character you might think you are, you won’t be getting a complete picture. Screening services can help you get one.

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