You wouldn’t let a stranger into your house. Why would you rent to someone you don’t know?

Before you put your property at risk, get to know your future tenant. We can provide information about their criminal background, check their credit history and contact their prior landlords. Leasing to the wrong person can become a personal headache and an expensive mistake. Our services will tell you about the story behind the application, so that you can make an informed decision. And our technology integrates with many of the major property management systems so you can seamlessly collect application information and submit data for screening at the same time.

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Our recommended Tenant Screening services include:

  • Adverse Action Notification
  • Civil Court History
  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Court Records
  • Employment History
  • Eviction Database
  • Landlord Validation
  • National Criminal Check
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Check
  • Patriot Act Search
  • Reference Check
  • Social Security Number Validation